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Xsolla’s Anti-Fraud System Can Save You Up To $100,000 A Month

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Aug 9, 2017 12:11:30 PM

A large part of Xsolla’s work to maximize the safety and reliability of payments is dedicated to the fight against fraud. Through targeted efforts like custom anti-fraud filters, we do what it takes to  screen out fraudulent transactions from the get-go without disrupting your payment flow. And we know that if many fraudulent charges get through, the chargeback processing can add up.


Here’s a taste of how our proprietary anti-fraud system was able to combat fraud in one major game, with a massive reduction in fraudulent charges that led to epic savings.

The Problem



Before working with Xsolla, the game’s publisher was experiencing:


High fraud levels (up to 28% of transactions)

Fraudulent activity detected on nearly 40% of cards used in the game

Scammers trying high volumes of credit cards to make a single in-game purchase


Xsolla’s analysis showed that a high percentage of in-game payments (between 7% and 28%) were blocked by the anti-fraud system on initial screenings. Approximately 3.3% of the gamers playing this title were involved in fraudulent activities, and 39.6% (roughly 1 of every 3) of credit cards used in the game were involved in fraud. There was also a noticeably huge drop in players converting to paid-player status.


When scammers would run through fraudulent credit cards to make purchases in the game, each one went through an average of 22 different cards to complete their transactions – and some tried as many as 160! There were also a few isolated cases of fraud involving PayPal. All told, this was one of the biggest cases of fraudulent activity that Xsolla had ever faced in a project.


The Solution



Xsolla’s solution for the game’s massive fraud issue had three major components:


  • Custom anti-fraud filters using machine learning data prediction models
  • Meticulous credit card filtering, both through automated and manual checks
  • Constant, direct communication with the game’s publisher

Xsolla used available in-game data metrics (such as registration date, gamer’s experience level, number of hours played, and in-game achievements) to sort out which players were playing the game earnestly, and which players were potentially conducting fraudulent activity. We then focused on players whose data suggested suspicious behavior (e.g. those who attempted to make purchases paying more often, those who used more cards and/or more versatile payment methods than the average user, etc.) to further sniff out scammers.

The game’s developers were also able to provide Xsolla with a list of “whales” (gamers that made large in-game purchases), which greatly facilitated the fraudulent user detection process. Once this complex system was in place, we were able to communicate directly with the game’s managers and tag fraudulent users as they were revealed, enabling the developers to quickly and efficiently intercede and prevent further fraud.

Thanks to Xsolla’s powerful anti-fraud system, the game was able to stop between $70,000 and $100,000 worth of fraudulent purchases per month, and reduce the amount of fraudulent transactions from 39.6% of total in-game transactions to 0.6%, an overall fraud reduction of 98.5%. And while we’re proud of the work we performed, the savings speak for themselves.


To put our industry-leading anti-fraud system to work for you, email us at business@xsolla.com or enter your info below:




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