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Use Case: Hi-Rez Studios

Microsoft Xsolla Developer Contest is LIVE

Xsolla’s Anti-Fraud System Can Save You Up To $100,000 A Month

Introducing BLIK—Free Mobile Payments in Poland

Kritika Online Utilizes Xsolla’s Pay2Play

Xsolla Capital to Fund Unreal Engine 4 Projects

Dauntless Partners with Xsolla on Founder’s Packs

Xsolla Tips Explained

HTC Vive Turned One

Xsolla Gears Up with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds Partners with Xsolla

Xsolla’s Exclusive Partnership with NeoCore

Historical Heroes Wreak Havoc in Ubisoft’s For Honor

Tipping Game Developers with Pay2Play

2016 - A Year In Numbers

ZIP-LAB: Making Online Games in Korea

A Brief Overview of the Peruvian Gaming Market

Battle Carnival: Official Global Release of a Heroic Korean Shooter

Life is Feudal: MMO Closed Beta Launching On December 14

Meet Xsolla at G-Star 2016 Conference

Beyond The Stars: Peculiarities of Card Games' Monetizing

Xsolla Announces Partnership with PlayFab!

Escape from Tarkov: About the creation of the game and our partners

Xsolla Launches Support for Apple Pay

Xsolla SDK Android 2.2.0 Update Released

Xsolla Announces Partnership with Life is Feudal: MMO

Xsolla is Partnered with Neople

Xsolla Starts Working with Titan Siege

Xsolla accepts payments via NSPK - the operator of Mir National Payment System.

New Xsolla Merchant Account URL & 3 More Updates

5 New Additions to the Xsolla Changelog

New Merchant Account Features & Commands in the May 2016 Changelog

StoreFront API: New Ways to Work with In-game Store

Now Available Through Xsolla - SOFORT

VigorRoads: Races on Kickstarter

Exclusive Interview with Gaijin Entertainment Gives Sneak Peek into Crossout

Hello, Stranger: Turing Bots into Games

Xsolla Teams up with Artix Entertainment's DragonFable and MechQuest

15 New Features, Product Updates, and Payment Integrations

Xsolla announces partnership with En Masse Entertainment

Picking a Data Center for Large Scalable Business

Interview: The Creation of Royal Quest

Xsolla Covers Every Gamer in Turkey with GPay

7 New Features Added to the Xsolla Changelog

R2Games’ Seas of Gold Sails to Xsolla

What's in Store for eSports in 2016?

Xsolla is Providing Aid to Blackshot Mercenaries

How to Help Players Get What They Want?

Xsolla & Boku: Gateway to Drive Mobile Business

Xsolla has partnered with Infestation World

Xsolla eSports Academy Partnership Program Launches: Are YOU on Board yet?

Announcing Xsolla Webinars!

Shattered Skies joins Xsolla’s Pay2Play Network

The Division and Xsolla - Patrolling New York Together

Xsolla eSports Academy Launches Bringing eSports Coaching Worldwide

Xsolla at GDC 2016!

New Year, New Features Added to the Changelog

Interview: Online Games with Fenix Soft

Russian VAT in Games: What to Expect?

Xsolla Provides Worldwide Coverage for FACEIT

Experience an Interview with Glitchless Gaming Studio

Xsolla Rolls out the Changelog

Xsolla Expands Partnership with Nexon to Ghost in the Shell: First Assault

Xsolla Gears up with Petroglyph Games to Integrate Battle Battalions

Xsolla Expands Partnership with Hi-Rez Studios for Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Strategic Partnership with Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Don't Forget to Set Up Promotions With Xsolla's PayStation 3.0

A Better Buying Experience with Amazon Payments

Spread Holiday Cheer with In-Game Balance

A Regal Interview with Forgame International

Xsolla API Documentation & Merchant Account Available in 4 Languages

Interview with Alconost: Making your Business Global

Interface Update: Featuring a New Dungeons & Dragons Online Store

New and Improved LOTRO Store: Turbine & Xsolla

A Brief Overview of the Georgian Online Payment and Gaming Market

Xsolla connects with Afreeca TV for a new partnership

Xsolla eSports Academy Opens Doors to Students and Coaches

Honing your Skills with Gloria Victis, the Realistic Medieval Open World MMORPG

Managing the Relationship Between Games and Education

WeChat Increases Conversion in China

The Internal Balance of Virtual Currency

Using Promotional Codes in Online Games

Amazon Payments in the US and Gaming Industry

How do you organize the sale of premium accounts in-game effectively?

Freejam Partners with Xsolla to Strengthen Global Reach

Xsolla PHP SDK V2.0 Available For Download

Probing the Mind of Freejam: Build, Drive, and Fight with Robocraft

Xsolla eSports Academy announced at Gamescom!

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.2: Simpler Integration and In-Game Goods Store

Virtual Tween Social Network Leader, Woozworld Retains Subscribers Through Xsolla

Assassin's Creed Unity and The Crew form alliance with Xsolla

Xsolla Data Portal Screencast

Twitch Upgrades with Xsolla's PayStation 3.0 Worldwide

Xsolla Unity SDK 1.1: Seamless In-App Virtual Currency Store Added

Lowering the Entry Barrier to Latin America with AstroPay

Interview with Travian Games

A Brief Overview of the Venezuelan Payment Market

Xsolla and Hi-Rez Studios Combine Forces for SMITE

Online Game Tips for Survival

Xsolla and Digital Extremes Partner for Warframe

Xsolla Unity SDK: Complete Storefront Solution for Unity Developers

Xsolla and Secure Trading Financial Services Announce Strategic Partnership

Xsolla Announces Free Analytics Package Powered by Slemma

Interview with Alliance Warfare: A F2P Strategy Game

Xsolla Partners with Free MMORPG Browser-Based Game Creator, Artix Entertainment

Interview with Juvty Worlds on the Creation of Online Game - Wild Terra

Xsolla Partners with Nexon Europe

A Brief Overview of the Mexican Gaming Market

Mobile Commerce - Next Stage in Development of Mobile Payments

Interview with CEO of Code Club AB: Developer of Sandbox MMO - Wurm Online

Globe GCash, a Must-Have Payment in the Philippines

Implementation of Coupons in Games

Xsolla Partners With CipSoft for Alternative Payments

Xsolla Tech Release: Updated PayRank and Gateway

Smart Communications Win the Hearts of Filipinos in Mobile Payment

Xsolla Case Study: How Do Games Survive Periods of Economic Crisis?

Visa Checkout Now Available Through Xsolla

Xsolla Partners with Ubisoft® for the Russian Version of The Settlers® Online:

Piranha Games and Xsolla Integration: 2 Engineers, 8 Hours

Canadian Payment Market Overview

Marvel Heroes Chooses Xsolla

Xsolla Partners with Amazon Providing Payments In-game

South Korea 2015: An Updated Review of Payment Methods

Imperia Online: How to Make a Game for 25 Million People

Paygarden: Paying for In-Game Goods Using Gift Cards

Xsolla Miniclip Integration: 35% Revenue Increase

Wallarm and Xsolla: Experience of Auditing Security

How does MasterPass work?

Astra Studio: "Our games are particularly popular in the Caucasus. They have a special love for cars"

A Brief Overview of the Main Payment Methods within Thailand

Why Crytek Chose to Integrate with Xsolla

hitbox Partners With Payment and Billing Solutions Provider Xsolla

Xsolla GDC SF 2015 Party - Success!

Outlook for US Digital Games Market: Early 2015

Game Monetization Advice from Consultant: FamousAspect

Interview: CEO Wang of Game Teahouse, Leading Games Resource Platform in China

Latin American Payment System Interview: PagoMaxtron

The Power of Advertising and Cornering the Casual Market

Changes to VAT Legislation in Europe: What Game Developers Need to Know

What Developers Can Do About Pirating Games

Examining why Gamers Pirate

Interview: Turkish Payment Method - Basit Ödeme (Erkom)

How the Indie Market has Blocked Cloning

Examining "Cloning" in the Mobile Market

Digital Asset Copyright Protection and What Developers Need to Know

Game Devaluation and the Market Impact

Xsolla: How to Maintain an Updated API Documentation

The Role of "Meta" In Competitive Games

How Collector's Editions Adapted to the Digital Market

Examining Ground Floor Funding or the Minecraft Model

Xsolla and Webzen Top Up With a Partnership

The Pros and Cons of Season Passes

The Marketing Behind Hardware Bundles

Concerns about the Mobile Market

Translating the Bartle Test to the F2P Market

Bottomless IAPs -- Balancing Profit with Consumer Value

G-Star 2014 - Through the Eyes of Xsolla

Secondary Steam Features for Developers

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- F2P

Promoting Discounts & Smart Prices for Games

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- Digital Stores

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- Online

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- Trading

Interview with Broken Window Studios: Making Grave With Unity

Interview: German Payment System - micropayment™ GmbH

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- Rentals

The Evolution of the Video Game Market -- Retail

The Pros and Cons of the Bundle Promotion

Cleaning up the E-Sports Market

Crytek Implementation: Behind the Scenes

The New Collectible Market for Game Development-- Toys to Life

Interview With Nastycloud: A Gnome Adventure From Buenos Aires

Interview With The Molasses Flood: Making The Flame in the Flood After BioShock Infinite

Alternative Sales Strategies for Digital Stores: Marketing Events

Alternative Sales Strategies for Digital Stores: Loyalty Programs

Alternative Sales Strategies for Digital Stores: Cross Game Promotions

Alternative Sales Strategies for Digital Stores -- Coupons

Steam's Workshop and the Power of Consumer Creativity

Xsolla and Crytek Collaborate to Bring Fresh Payment Possibilities to Warface

Interview: Latin American Payment System - BoaCompra

The Risks of Multi Game Development

Understanding "Games as a Service" for Game Development

Xsolla and Twitch: Benefiting Both Streamers and Viewers

Exploring Steam's Digital Item Economy

Elevating Consumer Power in the Digital Age

Interview with Adia Entertainment: Making Visual Content in China

Interview with developers of Bravada: Getting to Steam is Hard

Interview with Ice-Pick Lodge: How to Be Successful on Kickstarter

The Problem with Open Ended Production Models

Nexon Provides Worldwide Coverage via Xsolla

Early Access Considerations for the Digital Market

Interview With Petroglyph: Making Games With Middleware

Early Access vs. Kickstarter and the Consumer Mentality

Halfbus: How Much Does It Cost to Make an Indie-Game in Minsk

Explaining the Expanding Game Industry Demographics

Interview: "You Lookin' At My Ham?!" - Barbarian Brawl

The Game Industry in Review 2014

Client/Server Functionality for Online Infrastructures

Peer to Peer Connections for Online Infrastructures

The Degrees of Sales and the Consumer Impact

PAX Prime 2014 Interview: LEADtoFIRE - An Animal Revolution RTS

Oasis Games: Marketing Chinese Games in non-English Speaking Countries

Secrets of Pricing Games in Early Access: Carmageddon Story

2014 Mobile Games Forecast - $21 Billion!

Quality of Life Features for Creating Multiplayer Communities

Gamescom 2014: Chinese Company 37.com Moves to the West

The Timing Windows of Game Sales and Releases

Interview: "Pick Your Poison" - Devolver Digital

Gamescom 2014: Interview with Out There, right here.

Cross Platform Considerations for Designers

DDOS Attacks and their Threat on the Game Industry

Managing a Crowd-Funded Budget

The Changed State of Subscriptions in Online Games

Gamescom 2014: Xsolla's Recap

Making the Move from AAA to Mobile: Tips for Starting Out

Gamescom 2014: Croteam on developing The Talos Principle

Looking Back at Gamescom 2013

Thoughts on Expanding Your IP Overseas: ChinaJoy 2014's Experience

Selling Sales to the Game Industry

The Declining Retail Market and why Digital is Superior

Xsolla Item Bar

The Cracks in Crowd-funding and Kickstarter Concerns

Interview: "An Epic Journey Through Viking Purgatory" - Jotun

The Devaluing of Game Design and the Market Impact

Interview: "As Simple as 1, 2, 3D" - Scann3D

Examining the E-Sports Impact on the Market

Interview: "Entertainment Driven by Innovation and Passion" - Team Playnery

CABAL Online Global Payments: ESTsoft & Xsolla Partnership Extended

The MOBA Market Expansion

Understanding Micro Transaction Pricing

The State of Pricing in the Game Industry

Gaming Industry Acquisitions Last Year: $12.5 Billion!

Game Site Essentials

Gameplay Incentives for a Digital Market

Gaming Industry Leaders: Brazil Showcase

The Changing of Game Development with Early Access

The Rift and the Steambox: What Designers Need to Know

Black Gold Online: The Newest Addition to Snail Games’ Arsenal

Why Analytics Matter in the Game Industry

Multiple Methods of Microtransactions in Game Design

The State of Digital Stores for Indie Game Developers

Making the Move: PC vs. Mobile Markets

Opera Mobile Store: Secrets of the Alternative App Market

Interview: "Veteran Developers Gone Rogue" - Team Space Dust

Making Sense of Premium Currency

The Changing State of Chargebacks in the Game Industry

Selling the Store for F2P Games

Burst vs. Sustained Game Design

Wrapping up E3 2014

Breaking The F2P Stigma or Understanding the Core Experience

Why Google's Youtube is Pursuing Twitch.tv for $1 Billion

Tips for Reducing the Cost of Credit Card Transactions

Xsolla Merchant Account 2.0: Analytics

A Brief Overview of the South Korean Payment Market

Xsolla Merchant Account 2.0: Reports

E-Show Brazil: Xsolla Story

Xsolla Merchant Account 2.0: New Features

Kids Games: How to Customize It for the Young Ones

Xsolla Announces Merchant Account Version 2.0.

Brazilian Independent Games Festival: Xsolla Story

Interview: Diving into the mind of a UC 9game member

Using Geolocation to Prevent Fraud

Video Game Market Overview: Console vs. PC vs. Mobile

Acquisition News 2014: 9 of top 10 deals feature Asian Acquirers

How Credit Card Forms Affect Conversion Rates

A Brief Market Overview - The Netherlands

Mobile Game Industry: China's $3B market open for business

3-D Secure: Security Pros and Conversion Cons

A Brief Overview of the Malaysian Payment Market

Kadokawa's Acquisition of Dark Souls Publisher: From Software

Alternative App Stores: Manufacturer's Stores

How to Achieve Maximum Conversion with Credit Cards

A Brief Overview of the Turkish Payment Market

March 2014 Overview: Digital Games Market Revenue

Xsolla and ESTsoft Have Teamed Up!

Credit Card Blog Series: Analyzing User Payment Behavior

A Brief Overview of the Singaporean Payment Market

Alternative App Stores: Issues with the Mobile Market

How to Turn a Profit from Microtransactions

A Glance at Brazil's Gaming Market

Credit Cards and Geolocation

A Brief Overview of the Thai Payment Market

PAX East 2014: Xsolla Story

How Xsolla Gets Insights from Its Log Data

Improve Game Purchases: Short Credit Card Forms and One-Click Payment

Amazon's Acquisition of Double Helix Games

The Importance of Keeping In-Game Purchases Truly In-Game

A Brief Overview of the German Gaming Market

A Look at Facebook's $2 Billion Acquisition of Oculus VR

A Brief Overview of the Vietnamese Payment Market

Insight Into the Mind: The War Z Interview

A Brief Overview of the Taiwanese Gaming Market

Game Analytics: HoneyTracks Interview

Ups and Downs of Games: Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans Story

How to reward gamers?

Xsolla PayRank — successful integration

A Brief Overview of the Brazilian Gaming Market

Payment Systems: How to choose

Benefits you may get by changing usual payment methods

Payments in Games: How to Improve?

Xsolla: experience and crowdfunding symbiosis

Localization in games and payments

Early integration of payment methods into online games

Xsolla Support Team: the Results of Successful Work

Overview of Alternative Mobile Stores: Xsolla and its Friends’ Experience

Bad markets do not exist. But incorrect payment methods do

Benefits of Payment Analytic Services

F2P Games: The Difference Between Paying and Non-Paying Players

War of Omens: Kickstarter Success Story

Xsolla and Slemma Launch PayPal Analytics

Why are Alternative Payment Methods Important?

A Brief Overview of the Russian Video Game Industry

How Have F2P Games Benefited the PS4?

Xsolla Rolls Out Payment SDK

Mobile Trends 2013: Overview

Xsolla Adds New Payment Methods in Turkey

Online troubles for prepaid and F2P games

Kickstarter became a marketing platform

Sales of mods are on the rise

UGC-makers make millions of dollars

Crowd Funding for Self-confident Game Developers

Capsidea: Knowledge is Power

Interview with Absolutist

Zenna Apps discusses the gaming secrets of China and South Korea

Giving games for free

Kickstarter and Changes in the Gaming Industry

Games and Payments in China: Overview

Secrets of Integration from the Korean Gaming Market

Sir, You Are Being Hunted — an Early Access Success

Novus AEterno – MMORTS without pay-to-win

Xsolla Trust Logo Stands for 100% Security

Why release Beta-version of games?

FEZ: 1 million copy story

Xsolla Offers Local Payment Methods in Brazil

Perfect World Partners with Xsolla and Releases Neverwinter in Russia

World of Warcraft In-Game Store Launched

Xsolla Introduces Status Tool for Monitoring System Health

Meet Xsolla at G-Star 2013

Xsolla Becomes Official PayPal Partner

Xsolla Introduces Channeling Deal for Game Developers

Xsolla CEO Listed in 30 Under 30 Ranking by RBTH

GDC Next 2013 Welcome Party

Happy Halloween!

Ways to Increase Conversion: Introducing Dynamic Payment Page

Direct Carrier Billing Now Available in Steam Store via Xsolla and RURU

Xsolla Launches Mobile PayStation 2.0. for Mobile Games

7 Facts about Fraud to Remember

Alfa-Bank Enables Xsolla Payments to Steam and World of Tanks

D.I.C.E. Summit in London: Xsolla Story

Xsolla Files a Record Attempt with Guinness World Records

Xsolla to Attend D.I.C.E. Europe Summit

Xsolla Introduces "Greenlight" for Payment Options

PayPal Battle Hack in Moscow: Xsolla Story

Xsolla Attends 2013 Microsoft Build Developer Conference

Xsolla Announces E3 2013 Presence


Introducing Dwolla

Xsolla to Present a Session on WarZ's Global Payment Solution at the 2013 Game Developers Conference

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