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Use Case: Hi-Rez Studios

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Feb 26, 2018 4:34:03 PM

The Players


Hi-Rez Studios is a prominent video game developer and publisher founded in 2005, and headquartered in Atlanta, GA. They have additional offices in Shenzhen, China, and Brighton, UK, and employ over 200 people.

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Microsoft Xsolla Developer Contest is LIVE

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Oct 5, 2017 2:16:17 PM

We’re on the lookout for talented game developers and designers from around the world, whether you’re just starting out in the industry or an experienced creator with skills and drive to spare.

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Xsolla’s Anti-Fraud System Can Save You Up To $100,000 A Month

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Aug 9, 2017 12:11:30 PM

A large part of Xsolla’s work to maximize the safety and reliability of payments is dedicated to the fight against fraud. Through targeted efforts like custom anti-fraud filters, we do what it takes to  screen out fraudulent transactions from the get-go without disrupting your payment flow. And we know that if many fraudulent charges get through, the chargeback processing can add up.

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Introducing BLIK—Free Mobile Payments in Poland

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Jun 2, 2017 12:33:19 PM

Xsolla’s latest partnership empowers Polish gamers with a secure and easy-to-use mobile payment option.

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Kritika Online Utilizes Xsolla’s Pay2Play

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on May 11, 2017 1:42:24 PM

Kritika Online, developed by En Masse, is an action-packed, hack-and-slash MMORPG. By integrating Xsolla’s Pay2Play technology directly into their website, En Masse now seamlessly offers players three Founder’s Packs as a convenient and secure means to guarantee their spot in the game’s closed beta, which begins May 24.

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HTC Vive Turned One

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Apr 6, 2017 2:36:23 PM

HTC Vive celebrated its first anniversary on April 5th with a “Vive Day” extravaganza. “Vive Day” also signified the launch of Viveport Subscription, and HTC is thanking year-one customers for their strong support by giving them all a one-month trial of Viveport Subscription and a download of the company’s Arcade Saga for free.


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Xsolla Gears Up with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Mar 9, 2017 2:27:39 PM

The next entry of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon has hit shelves with Ubisoft’s recent launch of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. As a member of The Ghosts, a legendary US Elite Special Operations team, you’ll fight to take down the dangerous Santa Blanca Cartel and a corrupted Bolivian government.

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Xsolla’s Exclusive Partnership with NeoCore

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Feb 16, 2017 4:25:18 PM


NeoCore’s new game, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, is a sandbox action-rpg. Set in the dystopian 41st millennium, it pits Inquisitors of a grim future against heretics, mutants, treacherous xenos, and the daemons of the Chaos Gods.

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Historical Heroes Wreak Havoc in Ubisoft’s For Honor

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Feb 15, 2017 1:47:41 PM

For Honor

For Honor pits factions of Knights, Vikings, and Samurai against each other in brutal melee combat. Carve a path of destruction through vivid, larger-than-life battlefields in a ground-breaking action game developed by Ubisoft.

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Tipping Game Developers with Pay2Play

Posted by Justin Llewellyn on Jan 27, 2017 12:04:54 PM

Xsolla announces its latest feature for the Pay2Play widget that enables grateful customers to tip game developers with additional funds.

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