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Dauntless Partners with Xsolla on Founder’s Packs

Posted by Nicholas Manning on Apr 28, 2017 1:48:33 PM

Xsolla helps Phoenix Labs host the Founder’s Packs for Dauntless, the developer’s upcoming free-to-play action RPG. 


About Dauntless

Dauntless pits Slayers, the surviving remnants of a human race, against Behemoths, the powerful monsters responsible for their planet’s destruction, in an epic fight for survival. As Slayers, players will uniquely express themselves through in-depth character customization and diverse fighting abilities while exploring the farthest corners of the Shattered Isles, a majestic world of floating islands that shift and change with time. Crafting legacies through hundreds of items that strengthen their characters on a solo or co-op journey, players will thrive alone and work together to defy extinction and reclaim their home.






Whether you’re looking to become a part of Dauntless history, get a jump-start on customizing your character, or are looking for early access, Phoenix Labs has an in-game package for you! Through Xsolla, Phoenix Labs easily stores three tiers of Founder’s Packs, which players can directly secure through the Dauntless  website.



The Slayer Tier

  • Closed Beta Access
  • Champion Status
  • Slayer Pack
  • In-Game Title and Forum Icon
  • Founder’s Flare



The Hero Tier (Includes Slayer Tier rewards)

  • Chroma Cores
  • Transmog Stones




The Founder Tier (Includes Hero and Slayer Tier rewards)

  • Founder’s Alpha
  • Patron Status
  • Style Hunter Perk
  • Founder’s Banner
  • Guild Charter
  • Game Credits



Highlighted below are some key integration features of our Virtual Items API solution for Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless.


Virtual Items API and SKUs

Xsolla will host all of the Founder’s Packs on our side, easing the management and flow of larger virtual packages and individual in-game items within Dauntless for Phoenix Labs. This means more in-game items and crafting abilities will be available to gamers providing them with an endless number of weapon and armor combinations along their journeys to team up and take down the Behemoths.


Xsolla is also tracking the SKUs for Dauntless Founder’s Packs, ensuring that all players who purchase the game have their own unique game identification number.


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