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PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds Partners with Xsolla

Posted by Kirill Tokarev on Mar 7, 2017 12:27:23 PM

Xsolla has become the official global distribution partner of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s upcoming Battlegrounds game.

About Battlegrounds

PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds is the highly anticipated next step in the popular survival arena genre. Players are randomly spawned across an expansive landscape. Then, poisonous gas from bordering areas gradually seeps into players' paths, prodding them to gravitate towards a central location and clash for survival in one huge battle. Only the strongest will stand in the end!


BlueHole, a Korean video game developer and publisher, has partnered with PLAYERUNKNOWN to elevate H1Z1's creative mod Battle Royale to unprecedented heights with Battlegrounds. To help support this popular genre and distribute the game’s pre-orders to a global audience, Xsolla’s engineers implemented a quick and straightforward integration of the Pay2Play widget.





Pre-orders of the game provide early adopters with access to the closed beta and additional bonuses. 


Highlighted below are some key integration features of our distribution solution for PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds. 


Quick and Customizable Solution

To start the distribution process, the operational team at PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds had to go through these simple steps:

  • Upload the closed beta keys to Xsolla
  • Make a test purchase
  • Select a widget style and paste it into their store page

Straightforward Pay2Play Integration

The technical aspects of the integration were handled by one web developer on the client’s side.

  • Use of a serverless integration enabled this web developer to post the Pay2Play widget on the preorder webpage and start selling Battlegrounds with no additional integration.

Feature Requests

Xsolla was happy to add some additional features to allow for a faster and easier distribution process:

  • Custom, suggested pricing for various regions. Lower prices in Russia helped the game achieve a much higher sales number.
  • Pre-order sales. Thanks to our flexible and customizable solution, developers were able to globally distribute preorders that contained access to the closed beta, giving fans an opportunity to try the game as early as possible.


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