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Xsolla Merchant Account 2.0: Analytics

Posted by Ernest Chung on Jun 5, 2014 7:14:13 PM

One of the main reasons the new Merchant Account came into being is to track analytics whether through numbers from sales, transactions by geographic location, or conversions.


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Payment Systems: How to choose

Posted by Ernest Chung on Mar 12, 2014 4:42:34 AM
The most popular payment methods in different regions (the graph is made in Capsidea)

If you read our previous publications, you are aware that it’s extremely difficult to keep modern gamers involved in your game. Xsolla believes each of these issues deserves attention, but the possible problems with payment methods must be solved first. We are not talking just about problems with an interface or integration but with a choice of appropriate for different regions payment instruments. Xsolla partners with very many American companies. As a rule browser games, mobile applications, client F2P- entertainments get a certain set of payment methods for the United States. They clearly meet the preferences of the American public. Basically it’s PayPal and credit cards.

The most popular payment methods in Russia
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