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Xsolla and Digital Extremes Partner for Warframe

Posted by Ernest Chung on May 27, 2015 1:02:14 PM

As of May 26th, Xsolla replaces Ultimate Pay as a PC payment gateway for Warframe. With over 700 payment methods available worldwide, Xsolla provides even more convenience and value to Warframe players. With many of the same payment methods and more covered by Xsolla, Warframe players will see a seamless transition with their premium purchases made on the Warframe website.

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Why Google's Youtube is Pursuing Twitch.tv for $1 Billion

Posted by Ernest Chung on Jun 11, 2014 7:45:37 PM

In a world where media has, arguably, the greatest influence on today’s young society, it is no surprise to see the recent explosion in popularity of video game broadcasting.

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Localization in games and payments

Posted by Ernest Chung on Mar 5, 2014 5:48:21 AM
The typical localization scheme

Xsolla carefully adapts its products (PayStation, Greenlight) to requirements of the regional markets. Longstanding experience proves that competent localization allows to reduce bounce rate and increase conversion for only a few months.

Look how Xsolla data improved in Germany, Brazil and France just after the translation of the payment interface (thanks to Alconost specialists). The need to localize is explained by several factors that directly affect sales.

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Early integration of payment methods into online games

Posted by Ernest Chung on Mar 2, 2014 5:41:37 AM

Xsolla shows the importance of timely payment integration into online games on the example of large and successful projects. According to the analysts it’s necessary to implement a chosen billing system as early as possible.

Developers have to spend many hundred thousand dollars to produce even indie games (Braid’s budget is $180 000, the budget of Broken Age is $3 000 000). Far from everyone copes to get so much money. It makes developers look for alternative funding sources and experiment with monetization system.

What is your opinion on this issue?

Xsolla integrated the payment solution for Prime World
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A Brief Overview of the Russian Video Game Industry

Posted by Ernest Chung on Feb 13, 2014 12:02:19 PM

Research shows that the Russian gaming market has exploded in the past two years. Xsolla has partnered with some of the country's biggest games and developers: World of Tanks, War Thunder, Infestation: Survivor Stories, Valve, and many more for several years now. We're analyzing the market to find out what trends developers might want to consider when entering this booming market.

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Sales of mods are on the rise

Posted by Kirill Tokarev on Feb 2, 2014 4:23:40 AM
The Stanley Parable.

Modding became the hottest topic in the press recently. Many mods are becoming standalone game and make millions of dollars. DayZ — an updated game mod was hugely successful in the Steam Early Access. The alpha of this game sold over a million copies. Xsolla studied this trend and figured out what help great mods become bestselling games.

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UGC-makers make millions of dollars

Posted by Kirill Tokarev on Jan 26, 2014 5:28:19 AM
UGC in TF2

Steam Dev Days was an eye-opening experience for many. Valve published a lot of data on various aspects of its business. The company told the audience about the sales of games, explained the joys of working with Early Access and dwelled upon revenues generated by user-generated content (UGC). We were shocked to learn that on average makers of hats and other objects for Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2 made $15k each last year. Xsolla found out why UGC was so profitable and popular on Steam.

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World of Warcraft In-Game Store Launched

Posted by Ulyana Chernyak on Dec 16, 2013 12:28:46 AM

Blizzard has integrated a shop interface into World of Warcraft, allowing the real-money purchase of mounts and pets without leaving the game. At this moment, all items are sold with a 50% discount.

Players are offered to buy 9 pets (Alterac Brew Pup, Blossoming Ancient, Cenarion Hatchling, Cinder Kitten, Lil’KT, Lil’Ragnaros, Lil’XT, Pandaren Monk, Soul of the Aspects) and 6 mounts (Armored Bloodwing, Celestial Steed, Enchanted Fey Dragon, Heart of the Aspects, Swift Windsteed, Winged Guardian).

Pets are priced starting at $10, and mounts are available at $25 and higher. Reasonable, right?

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