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Xsolla Tips Explained

Posted by Aleksandr Agapitov on Apr 10, 2017 4:20:05 PM

We explain our new Tips feature.



About Xsolla

First off, I know that it’s not easy to understand what Xsolla does as a company so I want to clarify a few things. Xsolla is not a payment processor. It is an authorized global distributor for over 1500 games. It is not a unique model in the gaming industry. Xsolla gives game developers unmatched benefits -- a fast and seamless global launch, shifting the tax burden, no holding amount, customer data protection. For consumers, Xsolla is the behind the scenes facilitator that enables gamers to purchase games and in-game items, etc. on day one using a multitude of secure and convenient payment methods.

Our Tech Process

Other global distributors use established technology that was created years ago. This is fine because stability, security, and simplicity are crucial in this business. However, Xsolla’s secret sauce to becoming the standard for the video game industry is having agile deployment and non-stop optimization and improvements for every segment of users, in all parts of the world. This is very much what Xsolla prides itself on.

As for areas of improvement and change, there are three major resources from which Xsolla gathers feedback -- the users data log, feedback from customer support, and requests from game developers.

About Tips

In the deployment last week, Xsolla released the Tips functionality in only two countries and for two payment options. Tips are completely optional, with percentages ranging from 0% to 20%.


These days, giving digital tips is a growing practice in the gaming industry from streamers to crowdfunders to digital retailers. Xsolla is always there with new technology, features, etc. with every shift in games -- it could be solutions for VR platforms, or helping to potentially publish new HTML5 games. Tips, which was rolled out last week, is a part of the general feature set for tipping in games which is available for developers and publishers who work with Xsolla.

Games and Developers

To the average user, Xsolla does the most unappealing thing -- take their money. In actuality,  the company helps game developers achieve more sales. Unfortunately, if developers do not make money, they cannot exist or continue to develop more games. I feel that Xsolla is a part of the gaming industry, and we are here to help drive every modern innovation forward as best we can. It is because of Xsolla and businesses like Xsolla, that games can bring in money and help developers continue their work.

In Conclusion

The initial rollout of this new feature did not have the best communication, and for that, we sincerely apologize. We understand the frustration of some users, and we are continuously working to improve your experience and ability to make in-game purchases securely.

Xsolla is proud to be a part of the video game industry, helping to deliver interactive entertainment to a wider audience around the world. Thank you to our partners and users for your continued support.

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